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A Kabbalistic Universe


A Kabbalistic Universe… the study of this book is being turned into a short essay and a reference for further research.  Notes & Quotes have been started and are in a constant process.  This Essay Section will be continuously updated with new concepts and takeaways.  Please check back or sign up for our Newsletter for updates.

“A Kabbalistic Universe describes the processes behind the origin and purpose of Existence. A metaphysical scheme of four interlocking Worlds shows humanity’s role in the Chain of Being, which includes angelic and organic creatures. This book brings ancient and medieval kabbalistic cosmology up to date with modern science and psychology.”

As with most things in life, nothing should be believed until it is proven by practice…


A Kabbalistic Universe

Research & Brainstorming Below

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an image of Creation; objective principles/connections; the flow of forces; all laws of Existence and their interaction; a model of the relative universe; template of all worlds; a recurring system of order; provides insight/knowledge
Hebrew root word, many potential meanings…
Crown-initiation; pattern to be followed; expansion/contraction (balance excesses); cycles/frequencies (rhythms); intellect, emotion, action


1. Symbol and Reality

…we can’t understand the supernatural Worlds without knowledge of the order and purpose in the other realms (as above so below).
…finding analogies bridge the understanding of natural and supernatural.
…need a shift or change in perception; symbols can be looked through (veils) and reveal the reality (your reality)

2. Before the Beginning

2. Before the Beginning
Unmanifest Existences (potentiality), emptiness, a negative like the emptiness of a soccer ball… required for Positive Existence to manifest inside it…

the three Zahzahot (Hidden Splendors) (roots) govern all Existence; causation of expansion (right) and contraction (left)… by Will (center); the two outer pillars of Mercy (right) and Severity (left)… potentiality of everything… moving down from seed to seed (eternity)

3. Manifestation

…processes… the stages between the seed and the full-grown tree bearing fruit seed (repeat… eternity) … 3 Splendors (Zahzahots) influence the flow of energy (light); Impulse, Exanding Action, Restriction… trio of Emanation… repeated in 3s… to manifest; series of sefirot (lights or vessels (passive/active) ); ***The Line of Light progression or the Sefirotic Tree of Life. ***

the Divine World of Emanation within the void of Unmanifest Existence

Sefirotic Tree of Life; interaction of the three Zahzahot and the stages of Sefirotic progression from its inception into Existence to its resolution and return (back up the tree) to the source of EN SOF.

The law of initiation, progression, and resolution is called the Great Octave

…the two prime laws; the Triad and the Octave; combine to compose…

…Three pairs of functional sefirot; re-mi (Uranus-Saturn), fa-sol (Jupiter-Mars), la-ti (Venus-Mercury)… each describe attributes of God… (Intellect, Emotion, Action)

***passive pillar (Saturn-Mars-Mercury) – receptive, with qualities of Form (Understanding is the Formulation of ideas; Judgement is the Response to something, and Reverberation is the Echo to an impulse coming from any one of the other sefirot…)

***active pillar (Uranus-Jupiter-Venus) Impact of Revelation is seen in Wisdom, Power behind Mercy, Eternity is the principle of Repetition…

***central pillar (Neptun-Pluto-Sun-Moon-Earth) is the Will and Grace descending from the Crown through Knowledge to Beauty which “reflects” the top to the bottom of the tree…

Foundation and Kingdom are respectively the manifestation of an image plan and the actualization of it in the Divine material.

Twenty-two Paths join the sefirots create subsystems (triads)

4. Divinity 

Force (+) and Form (-), Above and Below, Between Sefirahs, Unity of Divinity.
+Wisdom (Hokhmah) & -Understanding (Binah). ‘I will be manifested in many’.
+Mercy (Hesed ) & -Severity(Gevurah)
+Repetition (Nezah) & -Reverberation (Hod)

5. Separation

the World of Azilut (to be next to) image is an upside down tree with the root at the top (Keter) and the trunk (Middle) growing downwards towards Malkhut and branches off to the left and right columns… the fruit and its conditioin is a result of the application/conditions… (root, trunk, branch, fruit)… four levels (Fire, Air, Water, Earth) or states of manifestation/creation (energy, gas, liquid, solid)… one view is also (right-fire, left-water, above-air, below-earth)

ten sefirot, twenty two paths, sixteen triads, and four sub divisions… and the upper and lower faces.

The triad between the two faces is free will or soul; the soul triad is Hesed-Gevurah-Tiferet… Keter-Tiferet is considered the Active-Passive and Long-Short Face…

***Emergence of Creation out of Emanation***
Azilutic Malkhut becomes Tiferet of Creation and Keter of Formation????……….. Time begins???? *********

–cause/effect; root causes effect many different aspects going forward… the end result becomes the next cause

6. The Four Worlds 

potential-actual, high-low… beneficial-evil
***center column of Will… Consciousness…

When starting out, and using a perfect source, there are many choices to use it in varying ways; each choice is made and changes the perfect potential into what actually is made. Mental pictures are made into physical things that are imperfect. Everything has a positive/negative pole; beauty lies in-between. Balanced. Higher up the pyramid, the distance between right and left is minimized.

Air and its division from Fire (Firmament) stimulates continuous motion.

7. Days of Creation

8. Seven Heavens

9. Inhabitants of Heaven

10. Yezirah: Angelic World 

checks/balances; relate one level to next
must change in form (can’t in heaven)…
operate the world of Formation; spirit to form; intermediaries of heaven and earth… gatekeepers of the Path

– Man – Divine – Fire
– Eagle – Creation – Air
– Lion – Formation – Water
– Bull – substance/action – Earth

***demonic; removers of decaying forces/forms – which they feed on…
***Zodiac 30 armies; each per double minutes of one degree
Keter—>fire to air to water to solid; after decent begins ascent

11. Asiyyah: Physical World 

one river into four heads; four levels within single world…gold does not tarnish…
matter/energy … function/level… particles/waves
something out of nothing; when something is divided far enough it becomes nothing again…
***electrons, protons, neutrons; positive, negative, nuetral…




12. Asiyyah: Natural World 


…seed-bed for life… creation and evolution…
Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) 3 pillars

processes of life, death, regeneration; invisible forces-magnetic/cosmic fluctuations…
A plant’s Jupiter-Mars controls metabolism, growth/decay…
… Saturn-Uranus controls frame/life principle
… Neptune receives the Energy/Nature
Providence-what is needed, is provided…
a temperate zone … between Venus and Mars (in solar system) where life was possible… Earth is in the balance? In Between Venus and Mars (Tree of Life) is the Sun (Tiferet)(the true self/beauty/essence) in balance between… Judgement-Repetition, Mercy-Reverberation, Knowledge-Foundation
…absorb, excrete, breath, reproduce.. blood like sap
dinosaurs exist now as original Spirits; possibly their forms are on other planets in that evolution phase??
…ascent back to the Source of Itself..

13. Evil

‘ the Created leaves the presence of the Divine and so imperfection begins. This imperfection increases the further Creation is removed from the Light of the Perfect.’

unbalanced functions results in chaos
‘In Kabbalah, demons are seen as destructive forces who wait to take advantage of any situation in crisis, especially in human affairs where free will can be misused.’

…the Tester (in any situation)

14. The Fall

spiritual Adam descended into the world of formation; separation into positive/negative; …Adam (Hokhmah) Eve (Binah)… couldn’t eat from tree of knowledge (Spirit World). Satan as the device that would cause the fall into the next world of form… first lesson of Karma.
… she is the receptive pillar; origin from action pillar
Adam/Eve had to put on “coats of skin” and go down to the physical world; ascending back up… Treasure House of Souls between iincarnations…
The Natural World operates on more laws…

Only humans have the conscious to understand that they are concscous.. imagination/reason….

15. Incarnation

read myths/symbols with insight…
ability to choose; self-volition
not aware of the millions of others, only themselves…
conception; three lower worlds meet at the Crown
…natural or supernatural member choice…

16. Natural History

***Six incomplete earths filled…?
multidimensional perception of existence
new faculty needed for development
there were those in early period; those who know…
human psyche; think, feel, act… imagination/creation/speculation…
… supernatural knowledge possible compared with natural law and physically fit… influxes from upper worlds…
…we can get places faster… to do what?
***Third Journey***
Root Cause; look at the flows/rhythms, peaks/valleys
Ego is the key, then the Self is uncovered

17. Body and Psyche

…particular niche of consciousness/experience…
physical, psychological, spirtual, divine
***Our Central Nervous System sits on the Tiferet
–Yesod; autonomic system; vegetable triad of Malkhut-Nezah-Hod; all vegetable functions of the body; muscular/sensory/circulation
–Malkhut; sense organs; eyes…
—Hod-Tiferet-Nezah; Gevurah-Hesed-Tiferet; Tiferet-Binah-Hokhmah;
***Self/Tiferet (also Keter of body/Malkhut of spirit) Three Lower Worlds meet…pivot to the Soul triad ***side triads emotional/intellect; concepts gained mingle with collective…
three upper worlds meet (spirit)

18. Celestial Body

Ancient astrology from constellation, planets, and luminaries
***…active/passive planets, right/left, luminaries center…
not to worship the planets, but learn their influences on man
originally milky way/zodiac were in place of Neptune/Uranus
12 tribes of Israel/12 zodiacs/ 12 natures possible in Tiferet… set out as 12 sidetriads
Mars-Jupiter control over Gevurah-Hesed…
Trickster-Maiden — Mercury-Venus
Sun – central nervous system – Self; illuminates
Moon – autonomic system – ego mind; reflects images
The Self (Malkhut of Beriah Spirit / )
influenced from above, but accomplished from within
***psycholoically same Substance/Force/Consciousness as the governing World..
Choose Asiyyah, Yezirah, or Beriah… exist, fate, or destiny
aprox 7 years

19. Fate: General

crystalize at birth, process reversed back up the ladder…
Level of influence from Moon, Mercury, Venus

Nezah; experience without know the significance
Hod; facts-no experience
Yesod; me, mine, us, them
Malkhut; personal survival
***The Great Triad of Hod-Nezah-Malkhut; three sub triads of thinking, feeling, and doing
Tiferet; the sun/self individuality…. Hod-Tiferet-Nezah
Animal (silver) Vegtable (gold) Threads of Curtain of Souls

20. Fate: Particular

Level of influence discovered further out.. Yeziratic Tree

Some actually know and monitor its course because they operate at a level above that of the celestial influences (Moon-Mercury-Venus?).
-Napoleon’s Fate… His Tree Chart…
fluid to crystalized psyche at birth

21. Gilgulim: Transmigration

 Transmigration (from one life to another)

‘Many are the Worlds through which they revolve, and each revolution is wonderous in many hidden ways, but men do not know or perceive these things.’ Thus speaks the Zohar [III 99b] upon transmigration.

Usually there are 3 Generations of people living at one time… each at different stages…

…He shifts dimensions from the upper Face of Asiyyah to the lower Face of Yezirah at death, where an important processing occurs before his next stage of development.

humanity is of three types… the first two incline to the left and right pillars… functional roles of either ***upholder of Form or the initiator of Force in the World …conservers and the radicals

…central column are different. “concerned not with maintaining the world but with bringing the upper levels down into it” ; perfected themselves to a degree in the Knowledge of the Purpose of Existence.

–We get what we need, not what we want, from life—whose object is to evolve the individual and unfold the Divine plan.
-Treasure House of Souls; disembodied psyche resides waiting for return to physical body…

22. Providence and Free Will

–free will is not exercised by most; choose to remain under the laws of Providence (General & Individual); most under general… needs of earth/nature
–Sir Walter Raleigh (image) …my cat at 12.
— meet basic needs and able to relate; gain special talents, respond to social pressure; shift from vegetable to animal level for worldly success

***Individuation through recognition of more to life; seeker of their destiny; discovery of place/purpose; leads to fulfilment…

–choice and individual Providence (vs general) possible due to animal desire to dominate, free will is gone because of the urge to win.

–Individuality is deeper than being original but still conforming to society… your original individuality at birth crystalized a character/purpose; however, free will allowed you to make choices away from the original
–cultivate the soul by refining the psyche to enrich life… concerned with the big picture… old souls who change history and guide humanity…
–free will occurs only moment to moment to you because general laws are over everyone… you live within your limits… Socrates chose death for his philosophy… move out of the vegetable and animal security into the triad of the soul which hovers above the body; between the Trees of Earth and Heaven…. spiritual capabilities increased to reduce/increase evil and good… participate in the Spirit World while living in the Physical… must have strong skills/knowledge along with the individualized Providence… become a candidate for instruction… Providence-Free Will… move into Daat.

23. The Supernatural

Knowledge(Natural/Supernatural). Life is more than eating/drinking… spiritual progression down and back up… work from center (knowledge) column… know thyself, actions, location; ‘those who know the secret’.

Enoch was first to gain enlightenment; spread teaching; how esoteric tradition started (Enoch Ascending, 11th century)

–Tradition tells us that all are born with Knowledge… need only the right question… the Way of Knowledge.

***Acquire the Powers to percieve and control natural/elemental… need a teacher…

his task, help those seeking in spiritual matters
… ascending up from Self to Metatron


–Through side pillars able to ascend the seven stages…

Acuity – social level awareness.
Sensitivity – psychic.
Lucidity – precision of observation.
Clarity – insight into the soul and fate. Vision – vista of history.
Illumination – reveals the aim of Existence and direct contact with the Divine.

24. Torah: The Teaching

–need to find objective view; experience the three lower worlds, then rest in the Face of Beriah… after, teach those in need
as you climb higher, your life becomes wider and deeper; participation in ***being an organ of perception for the Absolute; otherwise remain ignorant of potentiality… slave to the body and undeveloped psyche.
–***Purgatory can be overcome (purification) while still in the Flesh; function in Soul triad; Mars-Jupiter-Sun consciousness
36 righteous —> 72 below ???
Love/Fear of God pillars keep humanity in check… Knowledge center column
Outer columns/below are ruled by General Providence… many paths to Self realization to climb higher. Doors from the street are 3; thinking, doing, feeling… contemplation, action, devotion (three sub triads on Ego); applied through theory/practice
–When able, at will, activate Tiferet, then have access up the “Sandalphon, Gabriel, Michael and Metatron levels” (through Daat?). Then may be instructed/guided from the “appropriate stage of the inner House of Mankind”
After achieving much, you realize you can’t take it with you; determine there must be more; symbolized by the mountain… a master with wings… the potentiality of new realms of existence…
–those not experienced in self realization are 2 categories; positive aware that such worlds exist, but wait until the time is right to explore… to learn to die before death… negative are superstitious

Knowledge is power

25. Magic and Miracles

***Magic is the ability/working knowledge of a particular world
Jack/Beanstalk (ToK)
Man has all 4 worlds within and has the power to ascend… operate within any of them.. to practice magic/perform miracles, one must develop a separate and effective vehicle in each World which the Will can train and then control before acquiring the powers of those Worlds. must gain the knowledge, substance and power… question of morality.
***can’t continue climb as a magician***
Divine is in everyday life…
focus attention on archetypes; direct towards objective
white magic direction towards God
magic-personal; miracle-public need

Second Journey process; 7 lower halls access 7 higher

26. Work of Unification

creation-Keter of Berah; separation from devine = evil…
psyche dev, soul awaken, imortality realization…
free will to miss the mark (sin)
purpose of Kabbalah is unity between all Worlds within… microcosm of Existence. ***Through imagination, invention and discovery every part of Existence can be explored… be constantly aware of both the external and internal realities; cosmic consciousness.
In the upper part of Paradise is a vast university… meet discarnate teachers from past… Study/practice in this invisible college.

focused in the Self… transmit flow from Malkhut of Beriah through Tiferet of Yezirah and into Keter of Asiyyah. Such action, is Avodah, one part of ‘Work of Unification’.

27. End of Days

Above and below is I AM with all of Existence embodied in the word THAT in between. “I AM THAT I AM”

spirit approaches the Divine realm of pure light, led by its guide. Such an individual must pass many initiations to ensure ability to cope with cosmic forces and the tests of Satan.

“It is said that one in a hundred people are interested in Self-development. Of those one in a hundred, at this point in history, one in a hundred do something about it and one in such a hundred reaches a moment of Enlightenment” (John Martin, 19th century).

man is divided, according to decisions of the soul, into three types/pillars;
1. denying purpose to existence; left pillar; negative debts; severe existence… 2. gradual growth of evolution; right pillar ever-expanding circumstance.
-the Ways of Fear and Love, bound by the functional laws of Force and Form. held at that level of existence by Karma, ‘Reward and Punishment’… pleasure or pain.
3. central pillar of Knowledge and Holiness. balanced and complete, matter of choice; deliberate and conscious sought by *** those who wish to know the true nature of themselves and the purpose of the Universe

A Kabbalistic Universe

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