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Kabbalah & Tarot; A Step-Up Guide for Everyone

Kabbalah & Tarot… the study of this book is being turned into a short essay and a reference for further research.  Notes & Quotes have been started and are in a constant process.  This Essay Section will be continuously updated with new concepts and takeaways.  Please check back or sign up for our Newsletter for updates.

As with most things in life, nothing should be believed until it is proven by practice…

This book was found in my search of further enlightenment in the topic of the Kabbalah and the Tarot… 


Kabbalah & Tarot; A Step-Up Guide for Everyone

Research & Brainstorming Below


This book was designed for your use in applying Kabbalah in your daily activities… you need to read the associated book “Magician’s Kabbalah”.

The History of Kabbalah & Tarot

…”the mystery of history”…the tarot appeared in the 15th century (Italy); same period as Gutenberg Bible… first connection with Kabbalah (Le Monde Primitif, 1781)… a connection was made with the 22 letters of Hebrew and the 22 Major tarot cards…

Eliphas Levi (1810-1875)… Golden Dawn (1888)… Aleister Crowley… A.E. Waite…

The Tree of Life

…Qoph, Beth, Lamed, Heh; the Hebrew letters where Kabbalah is formed; there are other spellings.  Teachings of; “nature of universe, aspects of divinity, and method of creation.”  The Sephiroth are each of the ten circles that conceptualize “numerical emanations”… every aspect of existence… 22 paths connecting coincide with 22 Hebrew letters… full Tree 10+22=32 paths…

The Sephiroth

…emanations of the divine; engine of all creation.  Framework of initiatory systems… Kether (Crown), Chockmah (Wisdom), Binah (Understanding), Chesed (Mercy), Geburah (Strength), Tiphareth (Beauty), Netzach (Victory), Hod (Glory), Yesod (Foundation), Malkuth (Kingdom)

Unlocking the Tree with Tarot

…Using the tree, placing the 22 Major Arcana cards on the paths, there are created patterns/meanings…used to compare/contrast and discover relationships… 3 patterns; cards connected to same Sephirah, cards opposite each other, and those in same position but different levels… stages of creation and energies associated… timing of event in manifesting…

1. Connecting Cards
2. Opposite or Mirrored Cards
3. Graduated Cards (levels)
4. Triads

Reading the Minor Cards

***10 – End of the Road: (P) Done Deal (S) Getting Stuck (C) Contentment in All Things (W) Load on Your Shoulders
***9 – Nearly-There: (P) Nearly There (S) At The Brink (C) In Your Cups (W) Hold Your Ground
***8 – Stable Movement: (P) Finishing Touches (S) Our Own Worst Enemy (C) Trying to Escape Ourselves (W) Preparing to land
***7 – Re-Assessment: (P) Planting Crops and Coming to Nothing (S) Forward Planning (C) Living in Cloud Cuckoo Land (W) Having the Upper Hand
**6 – Taking Stock
(P) Making it all alright, a win-win for everyone (S) You will sail through it (C) Reckoning and Reconciliation (W) You can do no wrong as long as you keep on going
*5 – Rising to the Challenge
(P) Finding Yourself out in the Cold (S) Forewarned is Forearmed (C) “I’m Still Standing (After All This Time)” or The Old and the New (W) Going through the Motions
*4 – Strong in all Four Corners
(P) Doubly Secure (S) Stalling Plans (C) Senses Working Overtime (W) Build It and They Will Come
*3 – Triangulation
(P) Head towards your strong suit (S) Head towards something separate (C) Head towards your joy (W) Head towards what you value
*2 – Great Expectation
(P) Balancing the books (S) Something has got to give (C) Put us together again (W) The more you have, the more you want
A – Root
(P) Seed of Matter (S) Seed of an Idea (C) Seed of Creation (W) Seed of Ambition


Reading the Court Cards

YHVH (four levels of energy)
Yod – Emanation… Kings = Asserts Capability
Heh – Creation… Queens = Realizes Dreams
Vau – Formation… Knights = Inherits Power
Heh – Action… Pages = Carries Gain

Fire – Wands – Ambition
Water – Cups – Love
Air – Swords – Thoughts
Earth – Pentacles – Security

Reading with Kabbalah

Reading Reversed Cards with Kabbalah

Ten Spreads

Kabbalistic Key Phrases

The Four World Method


Kabbalah & Tarot; A Step-Up Guide for Everyone 

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