Kabbalah and Astrology (Anatomy of Fate)


The Kabbalah and Astrology is an update to Anatomy of Fate… the study of this book is being turned into a short essay and a reference for further research.  Notes & Quotes have been started and are in a constant process.  This Essay Section will be continuously updated with new concepts and takeaways.  Please check back or sign up for our Newsletter for updates.

As with most things in life, nothing should be believed until it is proven by practice…


Kabbalah and Astrology (Anatomy of Fate)

Research & Brainstorming Below

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Introduction: Every life has an individual pattern… The answers are to be found in the ancient teachings behind astrology which add a spiritual dimension and indicate the Divine purpose of the anatomy of fate…  Reincarnation is the norm… the sum of its successes and failures manifest at the moment of birth to set out the course of the next fate… the horoscope indicates all lessons designed to aid and educate that soul’s development on the path of self-realization

1. Knowledge

An understanding of the regulation and aim of Existence is the purpose of the pursuit of knowledge…
Conclusions are reached after much pondering and deep insights during meditation… must square with experience and esoteric knowledge… ***Imagination is philosophic base and mystical dimensions?  12 basic psychological types; 12 tribes of Israel, 12 disciples of Jesus… sub-divided into Solar, Lunar, Martial, Jovian and Saturnine personalities (related to mythical gods)   Sir Isaac Newton belonged to a circle of eminent people *** the invisible college… the Royal Society of Sciences and the Arts… masonic… *** While science seemed to offer an explanation of the origin of the universe, it could not identify its purpose *** *** …the dynamic and structure of the psyche, the function of fate and the meaning of destiny… esoteric knowledge was reinstated as a relevant study! ***

2. Esoterics

The laws and processes of Existence are not seen through normal senses… they are not ‘secret’ but ‘unnoticed’ by the masses.
Plato saw that everything on Earth had an archetype; based on a non physical form, relating to an abstract idea… 3 universes; matter, form, and ideas… a 4th where they originated.
All of the 3 lower realms were degrees of actualizing the potentiality of Divinity…
older knowledge + Hellenic + Arabic metaphysics = The Kabbalistic View of Existence; related it to astrology/psychology
2 Complementary opposites, 1 active and 1 passive
Yod, Heh, Vav, and Heh; 3 pillars of the Tree of Life; and the 4 Worlds

3. Kabbalah 

“I AM THAT I AM” Existence out and then echo back
“Humans can enter any of the four realms or be conscious of their influences. Astrology is the study of such higher influxes and their effect on the collective and individual mind.”
The human being is a receiver of transmissions; various combinations of aspects manifested, such as trines, conjunctions and oppositions.. ‘as above, so below’… we are a microcosm of the macrocosm… substance, structure and dynamic of other realities

4. Microcosm

Socrates, asked penetrating questions… recorded by Plato.

“Most people have yet to find their position because they have not developed enough to be given the responsibility of their destiny.”

*** a birth chart can show what has to be developed and is shown the pattern of what their fate can be… astrology, Kabbalah, and psychology provides a three dimensional picture of the journey… ***

5. Influences 

How does the cosmos influence humanity? The answer is, through the principle of resonance… the physical world is, in reality, only an appearnce of stability…
‘As above, so below’
Celestial influences affect us, accoring to our configurations and positions and a our birth chart… the premis of astrology.
The psyche reacts to a different set of frequencies..
Moods arise from the unconscious which is the instrument that reverberates to the current movement of the planets..

6. Entity

“These Ages are the ‘months’ of the great zodiacal ‘year’ which result from a ‘wobble’ of the Earth’s axis which causes the point at which the Vernal Equinox occurs to regress through the zodiac. The 25,800-year cycle is not unlike an extended version of the annual Solar passage through the signs, but in reverse.”

7. Fate 

Most exist at the levels of the Ascendant or their Moon…
***Those that whish to individuate seek to be masters of their fate and develop their full potential… eventually become conscious of their destiny and use the full capacity of their birth chart *** Destiny=Sun-Saturn-Uranus.
It is only when a person begins to develop that they can become specialist and their fate a more advanced element in human evolution… Destiny is not about fame and fortune but identifying what task one is meant to execute…

8. Psychology 

Psyche is the astral body… related to the stars, both composed of the Ether (the 5th element). The celestial frequencies within the Ether affects the psyche/astral vehicle… Formation.
Forming moulds the character of the mind and body, giving distinct personality… basis of astrology.
***The mind is a system; like the body it is based upon Divine Laws.***
The triads that focus upon the Sun contain all the emotional memories and ideas imbibed not only from this life but also from others; can be either active or passive factors within the mind.
*** SHIFT CON. ***

9. Psychology 

First breath, the psyche solidifies like glue (crystallization), set to respond to certain celestial frequencies… also, subject to gravity and the four elements.
Sign on the Ascendant imprints itself on the physique of the person.
Positive and Negative aspects for each planet/siferot… triads are very important, Mars-Jupiter-Sun; what are their positions and aspects?

10. Incarnation 

Animals not subject to Karma because no free will; no morality, only natural law.
Humans have free will, choice… actions, feelings, and thoughts can lead to higher or lower realms… consequence follows every intention, decision, and deed… karma. every event comes a physical, psychological, and spiritual result that determines the kind of fate to be lived (now and future lives)

11. Lower Face 

A Libra Moon relies on charm
The ego is influenced/governed by sign and House
The darkside of the Moon, the shadow aspect of the ego; negative face of the sign and house manifest…
Ego is influenced by Venus and Mercury…
Escapism of TV is an outlet for unused energy (Ascendant, Moon, Mercury, and Venus not able to function in an evolutionary progression) resulting in a cycle of repetitive actions until patern is broken.
***Need to move on from lower face to its peak at the Sun… using an opportunity or crisis for development… Soul Triad; Sun-Mars-Jupiter

12. Unconscious 

Above Mercury-Venus, awareness of being a watcher; opens an insight into unconscious and access to the soul; Sun-Mars-Jupiter.
***Free the psyche from the dominance of cultural habit and employ Nature to aid personal development.
***deal with all the habits and attitudes and rework them with the balances and imbalances set out by the Tree chart… active/passive emotions/concepts as tuned by the side pillar planets.
***Destiny is a combination of birth chart, level of development, and external circumstance…

13. Circumstance 

a country’s karma builds up and then the planets light the match

14. Resonance

Our psyche(s) are delicate instruments with many strings; 22 paths between the celestial principles… resonating singular or triads of psychological activity… tensions are affected by the planetary impulses during a transit… subtle antennae of the psyche.
you can reverse the flow along a path..
working from the self of the Sun, you can break the pattern of an ego habit…
nothing in the psyche is isolated… so a transit would reverberate throught the mind like a shivering spider’s web.
The triads provide great detail into the usually inaccessible areas of the psyche… each triad is ruled by a specific sign

15. Triads

Take note of what is in each triad and create a detailed picture of the qualities and quirks of the psyche’s make up / general disposition…

16. Transits

Awareness of imminent transits to prepare to weather a storm, accept calm, or exploit a dynamic celestial/terrestrial situation… evolved individuals can transform the tensions.

17. Progressions

more subtle astrological processes…
all and everything are part of cycles inside cycles and within cycles… there are limits to what is possible because nothing operates outside its time and space, except humans… we have the power to explore the material realm and go beyond the angelics… ***abuse of this power will result in disease

18. Disease

‘un-ease’ when unbalanced

19. Choice

those who seek to evolve move beyond the Sun
***don’t follow the lunar crowd (Lunar tidal law)
live off your Sun for wider possiblities to open up***

20. Crisis

those who seek to evolve move beyond the Sun
***don’t follow the lunar crowd (Lunar tidal law)
live off your Sun for wider possiblities to open up***

21. Schools

Arabs.. Hellenic concepts with Islamic view
Jews… related it to Kabbalah
Spain applied to aid inner development
-the way of Action, Devotion, or Contemplation; relating to the thinker, feeler, or doer types of people… Contemplative approach = astrological schools
-nothing should be believed until it is proven by practice.
-Study (Mercury) and practice (Venus)

22. Problems

Learn how to learn by absorbing directly vs taking notes exercise; 12 people act out the signs of the Zodiac at an imaginary dinner party; Political Sun-Moon combinations; imaginary house based on triads each room represents a function and is decorated and furnished according to the celestial body in that triad-sign…

23. Free Will

‘world to come’ after death, with reward and punishment… reincarnation?
people choose to ignore opportunities that fate offers… they take the easier option rather than take the effort/risk… ***exploit every opportunity!
-‘Those beloved by the gods die young’ not death in youth, but still young in old age…
don’t abuse the power and knowledge through the use of free will
-reincarnation was part of the early Church until 553CE for politcal reasons
From the Sun, it is possible to alter fate… transform destruction into creation…

24. Development

-experience all the zodiacal archetypes… from 12 different angles…
-potentially, follow the path of conscious development which turns the cycle into an ascending spiral… acelerate evolution
***take maximum advantage of every astrological transit***
—dev requires effort and a method; consider the Ascendant as a clue to how to relate to physicality; then the Moon-ego and its House. Mercury’s position will give insight into mental process and ***Venus the vitality available***; sign and House of the Sun, or self, is crucial… center of our psychological Solar system… Mars and Jupiter and their configurations will reveal the soul loading; Saturn/Uranus indicate how the transpersonal operates; Neptune and Pluto’s positions point out the aim of that incarnation…
***1st phase of development is to conrol the Ascendant; characteristics of the sign and its element are closely observed and refined; become aware of strong trine, square, or opposition, that would stimulate instinctive reactions
***2nd phase of development is to observe how much thought, feeling, and action is ruled by the sign and House the Moon occupies. Identify the best and worst characteristics of the Moon mind, then the Lunar persona can be trained to be a good servant or actor who can play a set of roles… certain situations require particular masks (usually reflexes) but conscious control will open up wider possibilities… leading to development that can alter the mechanical pattern of fate.


***Transformation; a change can oly occur when the Sun self activates Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto of the Great Triad of the spirit through awareness of the cosmos… the plan is to fuse the three upper Worlds

25. Transformation

Walk the path of self-realization; increased awareness of their Tree chart as an integral element in their life; a major point of reference in perceiving their progress as part of human evolution… exploit the latent talent contained in it

26. Nemesis

everyone contributes something to their community’s karma by the way they live out their fate. without a spiritual core, a nation drifts into disaster; the function of civilization is to raise the quality of life and give guidance to the nation…

27. Providence

means to foresee and to provide for the present and future
‘out of the blue’; blue represents sky or heaven
at birth we have millions of years of knowledge/instinct
the self-conscious agent of the Absolute in the midst of Existence
Existence is a vast mirror in which God can behold God; the self reflects upon the SELF in the macrocosm of Existence
Providence provides the teachers and the classes
horoscope reveals organization to best learn and evolve
discarnate mentors; invisible instructors; ancestors and guardian angels
Socrates referred to his unseen helper as his daemon

28. Destiny

the fate of the vegetable masses can be bound to an evil person of destiny… few animal level people can resist the seductive glamour of power… only those who have individuated to a degree can perceive history objectively and act accordingly.

29. History

30. Completion

any important incident can be known world-wide, creating the effect of a global village; aquarian phenomenon.

Kabbalah and Astrology (Anatomy of Fate)

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