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Studies in Morals & Dogma

by Manly P. Hall

Orated by Manly P. Hall, these five audio cassettes (10 hours) take an awe inspiring look into the mind of Albert Pike… listen with an open mind and you will find pieces of history you never would anywhere else… Notes & Quotes are in the process and this Essay Section will follow.  Please check back or sign up for our Newsletter for updates.



Studies in Morals & Dogma

Research & Brainstorming Below

Below is YouTube “videos” that has the entire audio presentations.  You can speed up the video by clicking on the settings “Cog Wheel” and “Playback Speed”; try listening to the 1.5x speed then 1.25x speed… then adjust to your liking!

Mystery of the Ineffable Name of God

Sacred Tradition and the Aryas

Secret Language of Symbolism

Wisdom Religion in Persia

Restoration of Ritualistic Instruction


1. Mystery of the Ineffable Name of God


1A – Mystery of the Ineffable Name of God

1B – Mystery of the Ineffable Name of God

***words/symbols are veils…need another method of communication.

Stephen (New Testament) Stephanic Crown

Melkelidec (priest of Zedic) King of Salem (Prince of Peace)

Melton – Paradise Lost – Pandemonium (Pan – Covering All – God of All)

Names become perverted… give pause and thought

Passing of the Name – The Ineffable… behind Amen (name of deity)

***time, time, and half a time; a symbol of a concept; flower arrangement

(blossom, bud, leaf) bud is a half a time; extend… 3 elements with 7 secondary combinations… hiding the 3.  Contemplate the flower arrangement, flows through everything…  Oriental Art (heaven, earth, man) (Mind, body, person) mysterious bridge between mind and matter. elements or qualities. ***every pattern must be triangulated. pictures of a kind of word. mountain, trees water, man fishing. man rides upon his body. scepter of clouds (heaven). ***triangulation has the meaning. word is not spoken by sound… process of internal visualization… spoken out of an experience… controlling motion.


-***air is the frame; concept of not self; mutable; invisible except when it moves things; cause of motion; illusion

-#5;bridge between heaven/earth; 5 senses; a little boat; instrument of cognition – instrument of process

Fire – #5 – Air

(Consciousness) – (Man) – (Environment)

***AUM… All – Man/Hook/Binder – Something

-become lost in things (like a movie); lost himself in contemplation; I AM is lost; intensity directed away from himself towards something;

-become the perceiver, cognition without self, illumination… center of personal integration ceases… become identified with object and loose subject… ***illumination is cognition w/o self; no center of awareness… seeking for the experience of the name, must define without existence; who names it will never find it…

-insight removed from the will, perceive without the perceiving factor…

don’t will to perceive or you’re trapped on the bridge

behold “a house”, along as he sees a house… trapped. acceptance as judge.

… unaware of self as perceiver; no judgement; ***truth is perceiving without self… absolute unconditioned fact of a thing; apperceiving of thought/ nature of being; apperceive with ears/eyes… disentangle self-interests… don’t listen to interpret… ***total absorption is the secret; symphony – become the music… lost in the music; discovered universe of sound; ***patterns of acceptance; no longer analytical; totality of music.

Universe of Sound / Form; tradition against tradition; total artist is free from tradition, ***seeking beauty… no qualification; eternal experience;

-3 conditions; total being; one with a motion; concept of infinite being; absolute and infinite love; light; be something or everything; A – everything , M – something, U – You, hook, man; absorption of self in contemplation of something… existing forever without as a person; complete absorption… experience of reality without self… each has a keynote; relation of the three; self-awareness blocks awareness; ego is self awareness…

2. Sacred Tradition and the Aryas

2A Sacred Tradition and the Aryas

1891, personal friend of Pike’s, member of 33rd degree; wrote a letter “Shalom” peace. Pius duty. 3 weeks before he died.

-Zen & Sandscript Studies

***Comparative Religion Student


Early migration of peoples; root material of great religions; early Aryas

Culture modification due to migration – roots of their beginnings; cultural intervals, new peoples from same root. ***great streams of doctrine… kinships to northern Asia; none has not been strengthened by it; The Vada; It flows through the living fabric of human consciousness. Thought. Something part of man.

1.Man is strengthen by revelation from independent source, 2.Man’s spiritual insight comes from within, released cognition, not regarded as conflict, but effort to understand the root source… through creation, through man, release of godhood. Insight is revelation. Furthermost or innermost is the same.

Symbolist. Man stood with wonder; as a child to accept.

–Theoretical things/ Practical things; Gods retired to the sky…

Linking Heaven and Earth; primitive man began to pray.

2B Sacred Tradition and the Aryas

vitality of dedication; circle of the elders… on and on.

I will tell you a story… down from the olds.

ancient mystery temples

-math, art, law, …

***Worship of Fire; symbolic in nature… fire is life. When the fuel is gone… so is the fire / heat. Ever burning fire (sun)… true self, symbol of consciousness, the light of the soul. Enlightenment… Christ…fuel for the flame (oil). Keeper of the Flame. Dominion over the World. Purest of all Bodies.

Varuna (deity) intellectual. wind. ether. humidity/water.

The ALL. FIRE consc./soul. AIR (air/water) mind/emotion. Mind is the bridge.


3. Secret Language of Symbolism


3A Secret Language of Symbolism

Accept things on their face value, not through the hero

Scholar and Delightful person (Pike)

–poetic abilities, school teacher Arkansas (Casca pen name)

–Mexican War hero; took up Indian’s rights; with Abe Lincoln

–Master Mason 1850 Little Rock

  —Advanced; my vision, mysterious and grand, pyramids, sacred books,    

     symbolism/brotherhood, more ancient than any religion now… seek the 

     keys to these symbols, restore the primitive meanings; essential symbols…

     Substance… meaning to us all.  Comparative Religion. Convection/Concept

     the most basic is ***no dogmas! no acceptance! adventure personal      

     search for meaning… symbols would vanish if defined.  Shadows. 

     Knowledge of much, substance of little… “This I Know…”/individual only.

     True Knowledge through revelation, insight, experience that can’t be 

      shared,,, opinion, belief, … only known to ourselves.

***Relate to causes, not effects. Symbolism, attributes of deity, substance of the human mind… great cycle of soul.  Certainties are desired, ultimates, universal values…  Burdon of Symbolism found in the mystery institutions…

abstract convictions.  Dawn of our experiences. Picture writing on rocks; forms and figures… how to decipher.  to perpetuate something, wished to leave a record… egocentric?  Maybe… searching for immortality?  Dreams, hopes, claim to be remembered?  Hero Self.  Remembered through his works.  ***Concrete to abstract point of view; symbols of what the pic represented (powers).  Totem is the key to his name.  Sun = light, time, insight, blessed, good, wisdom, integration, orientation… abstract meaning into world of invisible values.  Thinking of qualities… symbolism.  Motion was needed to be created; footprints = journey, wing = motion.  Hieroglyphs picture glyphs.  Gradually developed a sound equivalent.  Arm = R sound.  Then ideas and sound; written form of sequences of abstract ideas.  Then shorthand, one stroke of a glyph… loss of the symbol into a letter.  ***Symbolic Instinct.  Feeling of what was the meaning.  Points the way to ***”All symbols come from nature.”  All forms around us are symbols; visible extension of the unseen; nature is one vast symbol; invisible principles; spirit, soul, mind, god… university of symbols.  Abstract values; validity of symbolism.  Give relative meanings to be used; (roof+fire=home) spiritual value?  

-Fantasy, unworldliness, symbols not seen in nature; required a plane of insight; giants, half-human / half-bull, disproportion created something greater; exaggeration… beyond comprehension. Compound effect. Escape from literal or obvious.  Different aspects. ***Symbols into Devices.

3B Secret Language of Symbolism

Christian Cross. Shakra. Sacred Name. Two Tablets. Venus. Aum Kara. YinYang. Emblems of Great Thought. Language of Symbols. Knowledge without words. The Master’s Mark. Sects. Keys were lost. Older would not be found. What is the vitality of a Symbol; power locked in a picture. It is a truth. Has an essential meaning. Accumulated series of meanings.  ***It was put there because it could not be fully explained, except through symbolism; you must figure it out through mentation. Each is a sphynx; solve it or… lift the veil only to find another veil. Ponder. Why? Reason/Purpose? Drawing Unknown Powers? Riddles cause the seeking. Something else… become receptive to understands what it really means; inspiration caused…  explore the consciousness of the man who put it there. Patterns. Contemplation.  Opening ourselves to it. Free ourselves from our own meanings. What it meant; strange essay, binding seeker with past seeker revelation. Show’s our ignorance. Study of primordial man. Awareness of the Great Palace of Symbols.  ***Universal Enlightenment. Find the Great Principles (Insights)… long path from appearance to essence of things.  Seeking Truth.  Find your symbols in what you do; your own truths; dynamics into causes.  Outgrowing symbols does not mean that it was untrue, just incomplete… only accepted for the time being. Least meaning is its history. Dynamic Key is needed for spiritual relation for these devices. Triangles are shared by many, however, the principles… what is the essence? Gain understanding of their search… moving from intellectual to understanding… discover friend, brotherhood, …

share the parts discovered. Adjust nature and disposition for more knowledge. True insight results from conduct; search, invitation of riddle, realization through reformation; eye must see beyond form. Small lamp of attainment, light within, needed to find what is sought; place self under the laws of what seeking. Discipleship. Receive the Rituals; then indicate/earn the right to continue path. Given the keys of heaven; with the warning… attain certain virtues; ***Supreme Wisdom is reserved for those that no longer need it.  See no longer the symbol or device… it is a veil over the Face of God.

Explanations close doors; keep going… become truth… unfold, grow from within, create dedications; self-discipline; attentiveness, self-control, another dimension of experience, lift the veils



4. Wisdom Religion in Persia


4A Wisdom Religion in Persia

General Pike’s research into foundation to early religions. Brady, Civil War Photographer; took pictures of Pike in his 80s… Early study shows, he was deeply versed in Vedanta (end of the Vedas). Insisted nothing interesting had ever happened to him. Practiced law in Arkansas. ***Must find what original author meant; but can never translate his ideas; his language has changed; terms have changed in meaning. Initiated are certain to attain… – Socrates. –

-The stream of Persian wisdom is one of the most ancient… second oldest.  Avestas are not the oldest, but the oldest we can identify… each religion loses their key, certainty fades away… becomes interpretation/opinion/ poverty of fact; we are divided on uncertainties. 

-There is a key that is lost; many keys have been fashioned… center radiate outward, streams of culture; fragments of original teachings; all indicate a tradition no longer available, came from Persia; seeking for evidence of structure/insight of the Wisdom-Religion; Philosophic/Scientific; Human Salvation Science; there is an exact methodology. Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras… core is sacred science; ethical development of man; enlightenment.  Seek & Find a Teacher. Virtues constitute… take over the good man and make him the wise man; hoping and believing will not be enough; need actual knowledge. Truth is shrouded.  ***Daily record of his search and discoveries; no reason from a conclusion, but towards one… purpose was to reveal what he thought might be there.  Evidence is in the circle, absolute, universal knowing; push back history to find man… instinct of intelligence.  

-Streams are far older than we think.  Records of the decline of truth.  History of the world is man dying; reorganize, discarding the real values of young, wiser and wiser is deader and deader, aliveness fading away; research showing how each generation is destroying the past… great things reduced to himself. disillusion. trying to find or believe that the structure was pristine 10k years ago; basic knowledge; Zoroastrianism. original teachings of the ancient ones of the earth; Pike realized it would be criticized. 

-Man has fallen from light into darkness; false concept of origin.  Opinionism, know much but fewer facts; no knowledge of facts; intuitive knowledge of child, the natural knower… not led into error.  Man created ignorance and is not necessary; originated by dependence upon opinions of others.  20-30 systems discussed.  Legends; happiness to wars, golden age died; collective infancy; once, man knew lore of peoples; it related to a period ancient doctrine was directly available to him… purity/innocence.  Moonstruck Lunacy became the norm.  The Stream became individualize existence; “state mysteries”-Socrates. 

4B Wisdom Religion in Persia

from the center, 20 groups move out, creating 20 different patterns, unknown to the center… these migrants carried something that did not exist in the center… the archetype of the great house of the mysteries… graton?  Miro? represented enlightened informed persons; roots of all knowledge, still undeveloped. 

-Pike states the great sages… there existed a core of Noahs that was real; seek to recover it. Time to a situation that is timeless; nothing is old or new; that which is, is eternal.  Untruth must go out of fashion. Seek eternal truth that has been locked by man; roll away the stone that locks truth; only answer is eternal; seeking farther fountains of wisdom apart from man… 

-universal wisdom is unintelligible; but usable/understood by man, related to mankind now, draw that part which is the solution to himself… doctrine of mediation, a link, prophet, interpreter, divine teacher;  teacher becomes total of teaching (fire of heaven and make accessible to man, miniature flame from total fire) formed a kind of lodge, gathering of the great ones, Plato-Lost Atlantis was a symbol of something…  soul was lost in the body, below the surface.  

-Sages retire, but promise to return and restore beauty… First revelations flowed into Persia; Avistas and Vedas; streams continued into many, currents; used for their fields not their souls… keys to which have been lost.

-Fire is a symbol of deity as well as… …great chemical agent, power of Alchemy Regeneration (Tubolcain), iron into steel, sword of Excalibur, freedom from illusion…mouth of revelation… a flame… the great arch… enlightenment… fire of life.  

-True Signature stamped; Hermetic, Kabbalah, … by the fire, the mystery of truth… cold light of intellect.  True Knowledge of The Fire. Central Quality. 

-circumference of fires created paths to travel back, pilgrimage back to the parent fire, surrounded by a great wall, profane may not enter… faiths are the guardians… uninitiated may not enter… systems of disciplines… the porch.  -1878; religions are the guardians to something greater of them all; gates through themselves to the substance… …undergraduates are those that go hungry… 

-become the truth we seek; approach the flame with incombustible substance (dross)… center is pure life, easy to forget it because unseen.  Many centers (faiths). Gates left unattended; new gate keepers came… kinship with ancient roots with paths open between… passports known and expected, not as a stranger… 550BC… knowledge lost after.  Central Fire Core -Socrates and Plato knew… rituals are the gates; gate doctrine of awareness; gate knowledge (Scottish Rite?) The Mysteries.  

-Seek the Key, the point of view to recognize land marks, no faith has been without them… broad light of common sense; pass into the ancient temple, the great center flame.  Moral & Ethical. Regeneration of Man; good deed/thought.  The practice of self-control/discipline… power to govern himself, value above profit, attainment of what discovered… truth-seeking. 

-Temper through lower fires; internal integration… peace with all… total peace… pass through into the room beyond.  Walk the Path of Light, everlasting fire, servant of the flame.  Participate in Truth. Timeless.  Wise. Educated. Not Worldly Wisdom. -Albert Pike.  


5. Restoration of Ritualistic Instruction


5A Restoration of Ritualistic Instruction

an effort to explain why ritualism is significant and how it affects the truth seeker in his search for knowledge… begins with a concept which I think we must all accept namely that ritualism has played an important part in religion since the dawn of time… and in searching among primitive people where ritualism seems to have its origin we must come to another almost universal, namely that ritualism begins within the individual

-expression of his own consciousness… his thoughts and emotions moving through his body and causing his body to express them…inevitable postures  the transforming of abstract qualities of feeling hesitation into some visible

physical symbolic interpretation or extension of our own consciousness…

Ritualism shares with the meaning of glyphs pictographs graphic representations by prehistoric humans… capturing an idea… a ritualistic procedure is an arrangement or a pattern or a device…

-Rituals in ancient times involved magic…  some kind of a padding was created which induced a particular and peculiar mood… the observer

captured the overtones, something that appealed of faculties that could

not directly listen to words… this is the magic to which general Pike refers

… unworldliness, freedom from the commonplace, of being set apart into

another kind of world… face to face with beings and powers transcendent and remote… patterns  following the law of universal motion… like the motions of the planets in the sky, processions of stars moving above, rivers

flowing from their sources to the sea, wind in the play in the field of tall right-brain 

-a picture indeed tells more than 5000 words, intelligible to the illiterate person or a stranger who cannot speak our tongue… gains the same message because he is reading with his eyes not letters or words but the symbolic restoration of processes of concepts naturally… the moment we create a situation not familiar different from anything we know we become lost in that situation…

-values flowed together there was no separation  no problem of the individual trying to decide whether it was more important to live well here or hereafter he felt the natural fact that he lived here and hereafter always no distant place he went when he died merely a step into a world of living dreaming vision a world of wonders a world of magnificent things that were also tangible he did not live in a world of physical things that were tangible and spiritual things that were intangible… all is tangible by ritualism…

when the young people of Athens reached 39:17 a certain age and it was really done that sometimes because we know the children as they’re young as five and six years of age were initiated into the Athenian mysteries 




Morals & Dogma

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