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The Kabbalistic Tree of Life


The Kabbalistic Tree of Life… the study of this book is being turned into a short essay and a reference for further research.  Notes & Quotes have been started and are in a constant process.  This Essay Section will be continuously updated with new concepts and takeaways.  Please check back or sign up for our Newsletter for updates.

As with most things in life, nothing should be believed until it is proven by practice…

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life has opened up many new doors and paths into my worlds of esoteric knowledge. Using the template of the Tree of Life, I have an upgraded perception of all that is to follow in my journey. Using just the concepts alone would enhance anyone’s view of the world.

After reading several of Haleyi’s Kabbalistic books, I found the desire to reread them; after which, the understanding and potentiality deepen. I now fully grasp the inference of applying the Tree of Life to anything I want to analyze and or improve upon.

The following information is not only for your reading pleasure. It contains material that will be modified and referenced in my continuing journey up the ladder…


Functions (Objective)
Paths (Subjective)
Negative Existence
The Zodiac
The Elements


The Kabbalistic Tree of Life

Research & Brainstorming Below

Below are YouTube videos on the topic.  You can speed up the video by clicking on the settings “Cog Wheel” and “Playback Speed”; try listening to the 1.5x speed then 1.25x speed… then adjust to your liking!



an image of Creation; objective principles/connections; the flow of forces; all laws of Existence and their interaction; a model of the relative universe; template of all worlds; a recurring system of order; provides insight/knowledge
Hebrew root word, many potential meanings…
Crown-initiation; pattern to be followed; expansion/contraction (balance excesses); cycles/frequencies (rhythms); intellect, emotion, action


1. History

-objective knowledge; pact with God – the Covenant
given to Moses on Mount Sinai, the original Tree of Life
-Syrian script; 22 letters; each assigned a planet and Zodiac sign; one of the principles (Fire, Air, Water); Pyghagorean trinity 10 letters…
Holy of Holies – Divine Relm
-exchange of objective knowledge
Pythagoras traveled Eastern Mediterranean seeking knowledge
70 Jews invited to transcribe Hebrew to Greek; cross pollination; shared ideas; possibly Tarot; every addition checked prior to inclusion…
the maze of the ego mind, circling until finding the way up to self and beyond
-nine orders of the Church hierachy
-Masons based Temple of Solomon; two columns -Sun/Moon
tree of life kept secret until medieval times
-method of study, righteous code, point of reference
Isaac Luria school 16th century, created a different tree
-many now seek meaning in our world…Now

2. Negative Existence 

Absolute/relative Universe
Will of Absolute (ring of fire) contains Void of Negative Existence; inside are the 10 sefirot ruling relative existence
-Tree of Life is the archetypal pattern; Negative existence is the pause before music, silence between notes, blank canvas under paintings, empty space to be filled… must have negative void for manifestation…
flow down producing sefirot/22 paths connecting them… 7 levels

3. Lightning Flash

Octave; Do-resolving Do; each sefirah a different note/function
——writing a book flow——-
-Neptune (Ketter) is the creative principle…
-Uranus (Hokhmah) conceives the concept into a formless idea…
-Saturn (Binah) puts form to the formless idea
-Pluto (Daat) focuses into entity (cooking)
-Jupiter (Hesed) is where the ideas are building up… must get to work (outline) setting down the creative forces presented
-Mars (Gevurah) decides what will be included/excluded…
-Sun (Tiferet) provides the essence of what will be created…
-Venus (Nezah) is tasked with setting it down in its entirety (instinct)…
-Mercury (Hod) must start writing/communicating (voluntary)
-Moon (Yesod) organizes the whole operation and provides personal style
-Earth (Malkhut) is the physical aspect of what was created

4. Tree and Man 

must verify knowledge with experience or its only information

-Hokhmah (Wisdom) inner intellect; silent thought; ideas and observations
-Binah (Understanding) outer intelect; formulation/principles; time factor; receptive from above/below.. experience from outer world; must balance; reflection-inspiration; the long view
-Hesed (Mercy) inner emotion; creative urge; develop ideas; devote time; deep current to draw from; generous; another inner voice;
-Gevurah (Severity) outer emotion; judgment; should be impartial – developed through balance (Clemency or Mildness); from Binah above, a point of reference; response to external world; …
-Tiferet (Beauty) height on column determines level of being; outer columns function – center/balance shows true self; essential nature (your key) (know thyself); 8 paths synthesized; Seat of Solomon; cannot be seen in physical world, only through actions; the watcher/observer; reflection of I AM; upper/lower worlds; meeting of visible/invisible; sun shining out; nodal point of growth
-Daat (Knowledge); not just knowing, but being; union with Keter; dark mistress (Shakespeare); cosmic; knowledge/being of the Objective Universe
-Nezah (Eternity) repeating; seen in physical realm (inner functions of heart…); instinct of attraction; ebb/flow of desires; nature’s seasons; instinctive powerhouse; energy for Hod; body’s health; involuntary functions;
-Hod (Splendor) reverberation; voluntary functions directed outward or reverberate those coming inward; 5 senses; meaning of words, symbols, forms; receive then transmit; controls Nezah; mental input/education; manners; skills (general knowledge/physical responses)…
-Yesod (Foundation) ego consciousness; pivot of materality/action world; perceiving; forms images; sees inner/outer worlds; ideally servant of Tiferet; receives data from Hod, energy from Nezah, and vehicle from Malkhut; ego persona; habbits/attitudes – picture of self; focuses both worlds into readable images; during sleep runs a movie; fixed mask outwards/ chameleon mirror inwards, distorting or clarify to inner self; transformation; foundation for spiritual birth; driving force for outer; …
-Malkhut (Kingdom) physical body; earth; elements -Earth, Water, Air, Fire; physical universe; results instead of causes; within a seed is not only the potential for a tree but generations of trees…

5. Tree and Gods

-Malkhut: Mother Earth; the Bride; elements realm; physical environment; …
Yesod: Moon – draws Malkhut’s fluids; ebb and flow; regulates cyles/moods; masks influence; bridge/barrier; inflow from passive/active planets;
-Hod: Mercury – messenger to the gods; constant scanning for data, retrieves and sends, while scanning; reverberating; Games/Love affairs with three women (Malkhut, Yesod, and Nezah) while still communicating with the gods… *** Hermes or Mercurial Sciences *** point of input prior to practice;
-Nezah: Venus – goddess of love, beauty, instinct… powers of desire, spring, growth, arousal, grace… continous cycle of attraction/rejection (eternity)… generation; ease/effortless; charm/grace attributes; The Arts
-Teferet: Sun – nature of Self; center of Solar System; the Watcher; most paths lead to, with their energy to be sent back out; Truth and Beauty; reflects truth upon Yesod; the sun sucks in (-) and radiates out (+); enlightenment; in both spirit and form (upper/lower face of man); Malkhut protected by Yesod; Daat protects individuality; …
-Gevurah: Mars, god of war; pro/con; decisions, comparisons, judgement; cut by the sword, shield parries/balances; passive aspect; can be dulled by Nezah; must balance with Hesed; controler of energy from Hesed; separates substances/energies to where needed; disicplined and decisive; closest planet, other than Venus, to Earth
-Hesed: Jupiter; he is expansion checked by Geburah; Mercy, magnificence, generous, beneficent. Speculation that with its 12 moons, it is a micro soloar system… much power is received from Binah and Hokmah, and if not released (before exploding) or balanced, bad things can happen…
-Daat: Pluto; transition between Hesed and Binah; profound transformation;
-Binah: Saturn; Understanding; major principles; formulation; time; contemplation; high level view; encompasses all planets below; sees overall plan; designer; conservation and form; resistant to change, rings of limitation; time and form…
-Hokhmah: Uranus (traditionally the Zodiac); Zodiac is the path of the sun and the 12 phases of process… 12 tribes of Israel, 12 disciples of Christ, the Circle of mankind…; contains all possibilities before Binah receives/contains; conversion of potentiality from Keter

6. The Four Worlds 

Four states of matter; fire, air, water, earth…
Four levels within “Relative” Universe;
–Azilut; Emanation… Keter-Hokhmah-Binah (triad); divine
……. …
–Beriah; Creation… Hokhmah-Binah-Gevurah-Hesed (square); intellect
……. intelligence concerned with implementation – designing processes
…….potentiality – ideas rise up – creativity b4 formulation; elemental qualities
–Yezirah; Formation… Hesed-Gevurah-Nezah-Hod (square); emotion
…….realm of forms; creative process – fluid/developing (clay being worked)
…….unlimited possibility (within Beriah scope); ebb/flow, trial/error, follow …….B-scope;
–Asiyyah; Substance/Action… Nezah-Hod-Malkhut (triad); phys-body
……. composed of the elements; manifestations; upper worlds face
……. endless cycles frozen momentarily; planets/milky way, atoms
***each sefirah contains a complete tree***
***identify the levels in creative processes/relationship… head, heart, gut
we live in Asiyyah but have access to upper worlds; need more than the body… ***other vehicles to travel other worlds… ***symbols are vehicles?***
evolve up middle

7. Triad and Octave 

***Interaction of the 2 great laws; relative into existence. Law of Triad Trinity; brings forth. Law of Octaves; development through sequence. Everything exists within these 2 laws… +/- ; force/form; with center (conscious); all 3 must be in relation… side pillars are functions; 6 normal functions – growth/decay, transformation, disease, renewal, regeneration…
variation is in the 2 intervals allowing direction change…
Keter—–>Malkhut stretches a chord/string with “Do” top/bottom… vibrations
wave/particle theories… everything is in motion; higher vibrations are under increased constriction/laws… first veil of illusion…
law of octaves rules electromagnetic spectrum… and organization of world…
Keter—->Malkhut max vibration/compression at Malkhut… the sefirots are the frets in music… doesn’t touch center column until Malkhut??? because of law determining Octaves…
***Yesod (Ego) completes three subtriads in the bottom triad of Asiyyatic (action/matter) World… completing manifestation…
***There is a separate tree between each sefirah…
passive sefirah can act as active for limited time… if overused , energy is drained (if Hod cannot solve a problem…) must supply passive with active energy…
***excrete waste mind-matter through dreams…
—-example story of how lower triad operates…
mineral/vegetable man/animal man/soul man/
Sun-Mars-Jupiter; self-awareness; Neshamah (living human soul)… self-consciousness… link with judgement/mercy; Gevurah/Hesed; all paths link at Tiferet…communications… objective consciousness; more than self… seen in cosmic terms
***two main; upper and lower face***

8. Paths

All is One; with different aspects/principles/processes… tree is a nuclear cell divided into 10 sefirot; flowing emanations; motion/interatction of Octave/Trinity Laws… complex circulation… ***with a key that’s been lost
3 forces out from each sefirah; 22 paths; ***personal dev.***
sefirot function in same manner; paths subject to the poles (sefirot)
three letter words like Hod, common root words “splendor” and “to reverberate”… philosophies can be created from these paths/letters/numbers and correlations between seferots/planets/gods…
…Hebrew means teachings
each card represents a triad…
philosphical machine…

9. Practice 

we learn through Hod; must balance with Nezah; observed from center…

10. Exercise 

Kabbalah means to receive
4 possible ways; mystical, metaphysical, allegorical, and literal

-Malkhut, Hod, Nezah, Yesod, Tiferet (lower face) practice 1 time per day

11. Parliament 

Keter – Civilization or Humanity itself
Hokhmah – The Genius of a People; traits
Binah – Character, customs; The Constitution; for common good; principle
Daat – Head of State; mystique of royalty
Hesed – The Senate; Inner Emotion; Elders; house of lords
Geburah – Congress; Outer Emotion; rules of debate; house of commons
Tiferet – Parliament itself;
Nezah – All organs of government; function is cyclic; involuntary processes
Hod – Civil Service; data collection; official communications; special departments; DRA, NASA, Universityies; telecom; CIA; Immigrations
Yesod – The People; The Moon; changing/shifting with moods; wave of motion; climb starts here
Malkhut – The Land;

12. God and Mammon 

Exercise, 2 trees to observe parallel principles; 2 poles (celestial/terrestrial wealth);

-Hokhmah: Financial Tree (FT) token of exchange; Philosophy Tree (PT) enlightenment of a teacher
-Binah: PT – tradition of teaching formed; precepts; outlooks.  FT – principles/rules of finance formed; organization;

-Hesed: FT – represents wealth; resources visible/invisible; must remain active/expanding to flow down tree.  PT – vitality; dynamic; growing number involved; power on right to balance left; carries Hokhmah on; no growth… dies, because of constrating Binah (conservative dogmas…); CRUCIAL!

-Gevurah: PT – disicipline; focus on Hesed expansion (without lost); servant not master; balance for Tree’s sake; discipline of intellect; discernment; insight controlled/lucid; sense of true/false.  FT – practical banking; balance in trust; decisiveness/disposition.  

-Tiferet: FT – monetary system; stability/tradition/reliability.  PT – the face, focus of belief; ritual; concepts; writings

-Daat: PT – the spirit above Tiferet; divine emanation; FT – knowledge; flash of vision; stroke of genius;

-Nezah: FT – circulation of wealth; industry; production cycle; autonomic.  PT – practice; test what is seen; relate life to knowledge; act through principles; analysis; breaking habits;

-Hod: PT – Theory; written word; doctrine; precedents; not dealing with, but discussing (in second or third hand terms); intro to ideas; identify through the echo of reality (not in direct contact…); logic/memory; knows without meaning…
FT – trade; transaction; interaction; flowing; …

-Yesod: FT – people with standards of living/values; buyer/user; sufferer; PT – the level; reflection of inner to outter; persona; bridge; barrier; 

-Malkhut: FT – kingdom of elements; substance/energy PT – kingdom of elements; terrestrial body (earth, water, air, fire); the vehicle to control; temporary; earthly shell; residue of Creation;

13. Love Affair

All of humanity is a Tree and each of us has our own Tree. Information Gathering (Hod); Arousal (Nezah); Comparison, Dreams, Ego (Yesod); Judgement, Criticism (Gevurah); Climax (Tiferet to Daat; Adam knew Eve).
Respect (Binah)

14. Birth-Life-Death

15. Time

Yesod views Malkhut show; during sleep the connection is severed
Interaction of the levels and dimensions…
movement against backdrop of Eternity
***increase our senses to slow down Hod time at will; gate to climb ladder;
we are full of different clocks
***don’t retire from life into memories…
***left (past) center (now) right (future); lower (ordinary perceptions)
Binah-Hokhmah-Tiferet, with Daat in center, is Destiny; Escape from wheel

16. Evolution

Keter flows down (Creation impulse); Malkhut flows up (Evolution impulse)
Creation – I AM THAT I AM
Evolution – becoming SELF
Yesod is the foundation of growth
Our mission is to be perception for God…
***creation flows downward after a preceding assent from prior creation… so, prior to creating something amazing there must have been a lower grade of creation with its evolution…*** Evolve towards Creation***
Evolve consciously vs over many life times… attain enlightenment

17. Schools of The Soul

places where Truth & Higher Knowledge is discussed
the structure is universal; follows Divine Tree
the most well-known venue is the Masonic Lodge
realizations happen at such gatherings
pain and pleasure; to be given up and is gained
they come to know what life and the universe is really about
-The theory/practices are seen in the Ways of Action, Devotion, Contemplation; take the form of rituals, meditation, and studies
-The teacher is a doer, feeler, or thinker…
-The mode of the school is related to the particular purpose for which it was brought into being…
-The ascent is via the side pillars on the upward movement of Lighting Flash
Instinctive Awareness, Animal-Like Sharpness in Lucidity, Clarity Perceiving a whole life, Vision/ Transpersonal and Spiritual Perception of Reality, Ilumination where the Individual Self meets its Divine SELF of the Self (where the three upper worlds meet)
Triad of Initiations; where the lower psyche gestates prior to the birth of soul
Triads of Pain & Pleasure are about profound changes; suffering can come from recognizing and discarding useless attitudes, habits, and shadow side of the psyche… pleasure; good and true company…
This process of purification and balance is continuous…
The sefirot of Disipline and Freedom nourish the soul as the Self of Tiferet takes over dominance of the Ysodic ego…
In the marketplace, maximum possibility to develop is found
–Esoteric discipline, use talents and drives to fulfil its potential; know what to avoid and what to exploit; evolve and make use of fate; recognize what is your destiny… then play a conscious part in Existence’s pupose.
Top Triad; Reason and Revelation
Triad of sensitivity is about the psychic capacity of the lower psyche
Lucidity; use of animal instinct to see ***the dynamics of an event and ***exploit, positivily, what can be learned about your/others motivation
********Know thyself; don’t ignore the power of instincts and mental conditioning***************
Triad of Soul; awakened when Self is center of gravity within the being… whole life comes into focus… know next step from Gevurah-Hesed have considered the issue… ‘If in doubt, do the “right” thing’.
The Soul is the zone of free will… below wilfulness is pressure from the right and will-lessnes comes from the left ***the feeling triad can stimulate willingness and help the lucid triad develop true willpower (animal); must be subservient to the Self and Soul.

18. Jacob’s Ladder

extended Tree
Four Worlds (fire, air, water, earth); in person – conscious, electronic, chemical, mechanical principles… Divine, spirit, psyche, body…
Must first evolve on earthe (relations with those around us);
Ascent through personal development (psych/spirit)
Desent(s) through reincarnation; helping those who want to evolve
Ascent direct to the Divine

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life

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