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The Magician’s Kabbalah: Kabbalah as an Initiatory Path illustrated by Tarot

The Magician’s Kabbalah… the study of this book is being turned into a short essay and a reference for further research.  Notes & Quotes have been started and are in a constant process.  This Essay Section will be continuously updated with new concepts and takeaways.  Please check back or sign up for our Newsletter for updates.


The Magician's Kabbalah

Research & Brainstorming Below


The Sephiroth

1. Kether – the crown of the Tree, the divine source and singular point of all creation.
2. Chockmah – the force of the Tree, the male energy.
3. Binah – the form of the Tree, the female energy. 
4. Chesed – the expansive nature of creation, love, and mercy.
5. Geburah – the constraining nature of creation, fear, and severity.
6. Tiphareth – the harmonizing point in the center of all things, the self.
7. Netzach – the natural cycles of eternal creation and nature, the emotions.
8. Hod – the definition of things into formation, the structure of the mind, analysis.
9. Yesod – the foundation of existence, the unconscious, the psyche and personality, dreams and images.
10. Malkuth – the world as it actually is, unknowable other than through Yesod, our perceptions.

The Tree of the Golden Dawn

…as given by the Golden Dawn and illustrated using the tarot, the journey in which we visit the ten Sephiroth… from each look to the previous and next destination… with lessons learned and challenges ahead…  starting our accent at Malkuth…


…from this point we are faced with three paths; Judgement, The World, and The Moon.


…from this point we see three paths; The Sun, Temperance, and The Star; The World is below.


…from this point we see three paths; The Hanged Man, The Devil, and The Tower; The Sun and The Last Judgement is below.


…from this point we are faced with two new paths; Death, The Moon; The Tower is behind us with The Star and The Moon supporting…


…we have arrived through Death and are in a Central point where many paths intersect; The Devil, Temperance, and Death are below; Justice, The Lovers, The High Priestess, The Emperor, and The Hermit are above…

The Magician’s Kabbalah

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