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 link provided gives you an extra month to try it for free.


Notion is a tool to organize everything.  I purchased a template called Ultimate Brain; this reduced the learning curve for me and has changed my world.

link provided throws some money my way only if you decided to upgrade (I’ve been using for quite some time and haven’t needed to upgrade from free yet)


This page is provided to quickly find and return to your favorites.  As with most pages and posts, we are in the process of updating this page as we seek knowledge.  Please check back often or sign up for our newsletter for updates.  -SelfKen 

This information has been needing to be shared, the only reason it hasn’t is because it isn’t perfect.  That being said, I have decided to “unleash” my thoughts and ideas with the hope that it will be considered only a source for your potential use…

My primary flow of discoveries, at this time, includes the digesting of information and continuous contemplation on what I deem of importance to myself.  I have shared but a small amount with the public through my website(s).  That is soon to change.

My primary first step is in reading books, mostly books purchased through the Kindle library.  I then read and highlight.  Those highlights are synced with a service called Readwise and that is synced with my primary life organizer service called Notion.  I purchased a template called Ultimate Brain for Notion (was around $50, but saved me months of work!).  Readwise has subsequently created another service called Reader; this has taken the place of my previous article reading tools (instapaper and …), this has allowed the highlighting of these articles to be included in my Readwise tool and my daily “reads” which automatically are sent to my phone app.  So, I can read books on my phone and review all the highlights on a random basis…  with these daily “quotes”, I can select their priority and even share to friends via text message or send directly to Notion for deeper analysis and potential research and future articles 



Self discovery through journaling… as simple as pen and paper.

MS OneNote

Organizing information and processes are crucial in self discovery…

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards can be used in many different ways (not just divination)… 


Website tools used in sharing discoveries… 

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